Recruitment Agency Services

Permanent Placements

Executrade works with clients from many industries through a structured and efficient recruitment and selection process to place permanent employees within their organizations. Our fee is based on estimated total annual compensation. All permanent placements are guaranteed for a period of one year under the terms of Executrade’s Performax II Guarantee. This results-contingent approach ensures that you receive your desired outcome. In the event the placement is a contract or less than one year duration, the fee is pro-rated by the number of months to be worked.

Temporary Placements

Staff shortages. Holidays. Maternity leave. If you are like most of our clients, you probably worry about being short-staffed—don’t. Our dependable temporary employees are available when you need them.

In order to respond quickly and effectively to your request for temporary assistance, Executrade maintains an extensive pool of qualified candidates who are available for short, medium and long-term temporary work. Typically, Executrade pays the wages and overhead costs of the temporary employee and bills clients at a fixed, hourly rate for services provided. If you are using the services of a temporary employee and wish to permanently keep that worker, we can make that happen.

Contract Placements

Executrade understands that our clients may need to hire contract employees with extensive experience and knowledge without incurring the long-term commitment of a permanent hire. To respond to this need, our contract job placement division has access to an extensive pool of expert contractors and consultants for a variety of positions, ranging from clerks to CFOs.

Our process for employee contract placements varies depending on the length of the job placement. Contract job placements may be deployed as employees, proprietors, or corporate entities to suit the needs of our clients. If you would like more information on contract job placements, please feel free to contact us.

Payroll Services

Sometimes, clients may want to manage the recruitment and selection of employees internally, but don’t want to have these employees placed on their company’s payroll. Executrade’s payroll services allow clients to avoid the complications of adding temporary, hourly-paid employees to in-house payrolls. These services provide an effective alternative for dealing with fixed payroll budgets or union-dictated hiring issues. Executrade insures the employee under WCB and is responsible for vacation pay, CPP and EI contributions and all legal documentation, such as Records of Employment and T4 slips.

Staged Recruitment

In some instances, a client may require only a portion of our recruitment process. To accommodate specific needs like this, Executrade is pleased to offer Staged Recruitment. This would include any one or a combination of: Recruitment Preparation, Creation of Long List, Testing, Creation of Short List, Reference Checking and Advising Unsuccessful Candidates.

Complimentary Value Added Services

As a value added service, Executrade is able to provide a number of complimentary services including:

  • Testing & evaluation
  • Leadership Training
  • Development of job descriptions
  • Salary survey information
  • Payroll Information
  • Development of interview questions
  • Development of reference investigation questions
  • Guidelines on human rights conformance while conducting interviews
  • “Economic” pulse indicator information
  • Knowledge of industry standards
  • Employee Retention

Executrade has frequently been invited to our clients’ offices to give presentations related to recruitment, privacy legislation, and human resource issues.