5 Things You Should Talk to Your Manager About During Your Performance Review

Jul 05, 2016

So it’s that time of year again, performance reviews. What are you hoping to come away with after it’s all said and done? Is it that promotion or maybe a raise? Maybe it’s the chance to express your views on what could positively impact the organization through a new process or procedure?

The opportunity to sit down with your manager and talk about all of these topics, and also share your goals and even suggestions for the future of your career don’t happen all that often.

To make sure you are making the most of your time, have these 5 talking points on your radar.

  1. The Timeline for Promotions, Raises, or Bonuses

Your review is the time to ask about the next steps towards getting you closer to your goals. Unfortunately, it’s not always the time to expect a raise or promotion. Be sure to let your manager know how committed you are to the companies growth and your role within it. After this has been discussed, ask about a specific timeline for getting to that next step.

  1. Your Personal Growth

Managers love when their employees are interested in personal growth and how they can be best utilized by the company. Make sure your manager is aware of what you’re interested in learning and how in turn, you can better serve the organization.

  1. What You Really Want To Be Working On

Suggest to your manager a project you would like to lead or areas you would like to pursue. It shows your manager that you have interest in the company and gives them confidence to provide you with an opportunity to excel.

  1. What You Need to Do Your Best Work

Your insights on how to provide an atmosphere where you can strive is invaluable to your managers. Companies find that creating that structure can be one of the most challenging aspects of building a business.

  1. Whether You Are Receiving The Right Feedback

Your review is a great time to ask if you are receiving the right feedback. We all have areas where we can improve, learn and grow in our careers. Schedule goal meetings on a regular basis and make sure your manager knows that their feedback relates to the success of the company.