Alberta attracts even more fellow Canadians

Oct 01, 2014

Job seekers from other provinces are ensuring Alberta continues to have the fastest growing population in Canada by a considerable measure.

Over the months of April, May and June of this year, Alberta gained a net 13,204 new people from other parts of the country. (This figure is the difference between the number of in-migrants less the number of out-migrants.) That is the equivalent of Alberta adding another city the size of Camrose to its population in a matter of three months.

Inter-provincial migration is only one component of Alberta’s population growth. Migrants from other countries, and natural population growth (i.e., births minus deaths), are also boosting the number of people who call Alberta their new home.

The province’s total population now stands at 4,121,692, an increase of 2.8% over the last year. The next two fastest growing provinces were our prairie neighbours: Saskatchewan (+1.7%) and Manitoba (+1.3%). Nationally, Canada’s total population grew by 1.1%.

The volume of inter-provincial migration in the second quarter was the greatest since 2006 when the province was experiencing a similar economic boom. The chart below shows the strong and steady flow of migrants from elsewhere in Canada in recent quarters. In the last two years, Alberta has gained more than 77,000 inter-provincial migrants—a reflection of great job opportunities and a desirable quality of life.

Todd Hirsch • Chief Economist