Alberta Economy Attracting Young Working Population

Nov 25, 2013

Alberta’s demographic growth in 2012/2013 was almost three times higher than the national average, says Statistics Canada.

Alberta grew by 34.45 people per 1,000 on an annual basis while Canada’s growth rate was 11.56 per 1,000.

The federal agency said Monday that the increase was strongest for the population aged 30 to 44 years, up 5.2%, compared with a 1.1% gain nationally.

“This was mostly because of Alberta’s gains in inter-provincial and international migration, which were concentrated in large part at these ages,” said Statistics Canada.

In 2012/2013, Alberta’s employment and job vacancy rates were among the highest in the country. The continued economic boom has also generated growth in a number of energy-related sectors, service industries and other sectors of the economy in Alberta.

The population estimate for Alberta as of July 1 was 4.03 million people with a median age of 36.0 – the lowest among all provinces.

The population estimate for Canada was 35.16 million people with a median age of 40.2.

Calgary Herald