Alberta employees see big jump in earnings

Aug 28, 2014

Alberta wage earners racked up another sizeable increase in take home pay in June. According to the most recent data from Statistics Canada, average weekly earnings in this province rose to over $1,156, an increase of 5.0% compared to June of last year. Nationally average weekly earnings rose 3.3% to $940.

The figures are adjusted to account for seasonal effects which can tend to move the figures higher and lower at predictable times of the year. They also include overtime pay.

Earnings in Alberta are the highest in the country by a wide margin. They outpace second-place Newfoundland and Labrador by more than 16% and third-place Saskatchewan by 18%.

Data on weekly earnings are drawn from Statistics Canada’s Survey of Employment, Payrolls and Hours. Unlike the monthly labour force survey, which derives information from households, this survey is produced by a combination of a census of payroll deductions (provided by the Canada Revenue Agency) and a survey of 15,000 businesses. Because the data are drawn from businesses rather than individual households, it complements the labour force survey and provides the viewpoint from employers rather than employees.

The booming economy brings both costs and benefits. Workers welcome fat paycheques but at least one group is less happy: employers. Companies either in Alberta or considering moving to the province face higher payroll costs here than they would elsewhere.

Article from ATB The Owl