Alberta leads Canada with highest job vacancy rate

Aug 19, 2014

 Alberta had the highest job vacancy rate in the country in May at 2.4% which was unchanged from a year ago, said Statistics Canada.

The federal agency reported Tuesday that the province had 48,800 job vacancies in the month, up slightly from 47,300 a year ago.

The job vacancy rate is the number of vacant positions divided by total labour demand which is made up of occupied positions plus vacant positions.

Nationally, the job vacancy rate rose from 1.5% a year ago to 1.6% in May with 240,400 job vacancies, which was up from 226,600 last year.

In Alberta there were 2.4 unemployed people for every job vacancy, the lowest ratio in Canada. A year ago that ratio was 2.3.

Nationally, the unemployed-to-job vacancy ratio was 5.8, which was down from 6.3 a year ago.