5 Ways to Build Your Employer Brand In 2019

Mar 06, 2019

Human resources team brainstorming employer branding.

What are your organizational goals for 2019? Grow your client base? Increase revenue? You know that achieving these goals comes down to the human capital you have in place. Organizations that attract, retain and grow the best employees all have something in common – excellent employer branding.

What is employer branding? How does it differ from your organizational brand?

Like your corporate brand, or the value proposition your customers and stakeholders see your organization offering, your employer brand is how employees (and prospective employees) see you. What message is your company sending prospective and current talent?

With a competitive job market, you know that attracting top talent is crucial. The cost of vacancy when you don’t have the right fit means it’s important to access the right candidates, quickly. Before a candidate even applies for a position, they have already been exposed to your employer brand – through word of mouth, job review sites, the job posting, social media and more. This brand lets candidates know the kind of workplace you offer, the values and expectations, and the culture. It keeps your current employees engaged and committed, and retains passionate employees. Your employer brand impacts the pool of candidates you have, before you even begin screening.

So, how do you build employer brand to attract talent?

  1. Define your brand, staying true to organizational values.

What values are important to your company? What is your workplace culture like across all levels of the organization? A study found that 19% of nearly 2,000 global employees surveyed felt that the brand promoted by their company fairly represented the internal work culture. This shows a huge disconnect between the culture promised through job postings and reality – and the importance of developing an authentic employer brand. This disconnect helps explain the high rate of turnover when employees join an organization, with data showing almost a third of new hires leave within the first six months. By delivering a consistent experience with your brand, you attract and retain the right people that connect with your organizational values and culture.

  1. Consider the application experience.

On average, candidates spend 3-4 hours on a single job application. That’s a lot of time! How they interact with your organization during this time shapes their view of you as an employer. Consider how easy the process is, the information available to applicants during this time to help aid this process, and the communication you have with them after the application. Do you let applicants know what the process will be like and when they can expect to hear from you? Do you follow up with applicants when they’re not successful?

  1. Utilize social media as an extension of your brand.

74 percent of Canadians spend 3-4 hours online every day, with 56 percent of users stating that they follow companies, products and brands. Chances are, potential candidates are looking at your social media channels during the application process. Do you utilize your channels for recruitment? Be aware that potential employees are an audience for these channels, and consider including posts highlighting company culture and values, such as employee volunteerism days, staff achievements and company functions.

  1. Promote employees as brand champions.

Employees can be your best ambassadors for your employer brand, providing an authentic narrative and sharing real experiences. Do you offer a platform for them to do this? Ideas can include sharing employee stories on social media or recruitment platforms. Cisco Systems demonstrates the power employees can have in recruitment through the launch of their Life at Cisco recruiting blog, where employees post real stories, and is now the second most popular blog (out of 50+ blogs on their company website).

  1. Be realistic about your brand and check-in.

The best way to take a pulse on your employer brand is to talk to existing and potential employees. Be sure to have mechanisms in place to consistently assess your brand and work to continue developing it, through employee engagement interviews, exit interviews, and follow-up surveys with potential candidates. Solicit honest feedback to determine what’s working well, and what can be improved.

Don’t know where to get started? Talk to the experts at Executrade to grow your employer brand and let us help you reach those 2019 goals.