Canadian Unemployment Rates in May 2012

Jun 13, 2012

StatsCan released the unemployment rates in May showing no gains in the national number, staying at 7.6%.  In the West both Alberta and Saskatchewan gained in strength as the unemployment number dropped from 4.9% to 4.5%.  This is a good indicator however it is important to note that much of the gains came in continued strengthening in the temporary labour market, in part a seasonally expected change as we move into summer.

British Columbia’s unemployment number swung in the reverse direction, showing huge gains in April (falling from 7% to 6.2%) with a jump back up to 7.4%.  In BC permanent jobs far outpace temporary jobs and the sales and service sector shows the largest gains in employees during the month, and the year.

In Canada the job sectors that continue to outpace all other working categories are sales and service, trades and manufacturing and processing.  In Alberta trades continues to be the strongest growing sector and will continue to put pressure on the labour market as 35,000 new trade’s jobs were identified compared to last month, with the market demonstrating many unfilled positions and continued high demand.

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Darryl Moore


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