Changing Jobs can be Positive and Essential

Dec 17, 2012

Here are 6 reasons why changing jobs every four to five years can be a positive move, both professionally and personally.

1. Discovery. A new job provides opportunity to learn a new industry, skill or even perspective. At the same time you are finding and developing your areas of interest by tackling the unknown, a strong motivation for personal performance

2. Good things come from opening yourself up to a range of individuals and networks have a significant long-term professional advantage.

3. You remain engaged in ongoing personal evaluation, risk taking and confidence management, removing complacency and demotivation.

4. It pays – not just monetary jumps but career advancement and challenge.

5. No one will a career change against you as it is common to have a fluid career in today’s professional world, just do not injure relationships during the transition.

6. Your reputation needs to remain fluid and capable.  Staying too long in a single role or organization may lead to expectations on capability and being pigeon-holed.