Corporate Holiday Parties Made Easy

Dec 12, 2014

executrade holiday

Putting together the details required for a corporate holiday party can be both time consuming and stress inducing. Instead of taking on all of the responsibility yourself, create a “party committee” to plan and organize the event—just make sure you give them some guidelines. Set clear limits for items like the budget, time, and any other requirements you may have. You’d be surprised how effective your employees can be at creating their own party.


A survey conducted by Office Team found that 52 percent of Canadian workers say that the company holiday party is their favourite work-related way to celebrate the festive holiday season. The survey also reported that 35 percent of Canadian employees would prefer an off-site holiday gathering. Most people find it difficult to relax and enjoy themselves at the office, even if it is after hours. Select a venue like the elegant Fairmont Hotel in downtown Edmonton or choose a grand banquet room in Calgary with a little help from Open Table.

Food & Drink

First, decide if dinner will be served at the holiday party. Selecting a menu will depend on the time of day that the celebration will be held. For lunches consider hearty soups and salads and for dinner fish, lamb or chicken served beside savory vegetables are good options. Be sure to accommodate the dietary needs of your employees and consider leaning towards the healthier side. If you’re not planning on serving dinner provide small, light bites and h’ordeuvres for all guests to enjoy.

While a certain amount of alcohol can be a welcome addition to any social gathering, it has the potential to get out of hand very quickly. Adding libations to your corporate holiday party can be a tricky feat to pull off. One idea is to limit the amount of drinks by the use of tokens or tickets that are traded in for beverages or setting a strict time limit of when drinks will be served. Another alternative is to have a sober party with a variety of unique or clever non-alcoholic drinks for everyone to enjoy.

It’s also advisable to pre-arrange transportation with a cab service like Co-Op Taxi Line if alcohol is served during the party to ensure everyone gets a safe ride home.

Gifts & Prizes

The party is not only a great social opportunity, it is also a chance for higher-ups to recognize a few, or all, of their employees and highlight their performance throughout the year. Awarding employees with special gift baskets from an online shop like FTD can be a great to award the company’s top performers, and there are plenty of options that are appropriate for nearly anyone, no matter what they celebrate.

Giving out door prizes is a fun way to bolster employee morale and encourage excitement among attendees. Set a budget and make a list of some of the must-have items you think employees will appreciate. Then, play Santa Claus and get into the holiday spirit by raffling off some big-ticket items like a television or gift-certificates throughout the party.