Employment Disruption – Robots

Aug 14, 2013

In Canada the unemployment rate remains at 7.2% in July – an average number for the last 30 years (about 2 million people). Despite the unemployment many jobs go unclaimed every month, work Canadian’s just don’t want. One solution to this is foreign worker programs, which in recent months has created a significant amount of debate. In the USA the situation is not much different. Carrying an unemployment rate of about the same almost 4 million jobs went unclaimed (the jobs available an unclaimed are double the number of Canada’s unemployed). A new solution is growing, automated technology and will have a dramatic way of reshaping labour. We see it in retailers as self-check outs increase in number, vending machines, however, in the future possible job categories that are unlikely become disrupted by this technology include skilled trade such as plumbing and electrical work however factory workers and healthcare aids may have a much stronger career impact.