Facebook Launches Job Board

Nov 19, 2012

Facebook launched its long-awaited job board last week. The company suggest they are not entering the recruitment industry; however, given the capability of Facebook to segment users, there is potentially a large disruption to the industry on the horizon.  It also serves to trigger, letting the general public know that the social network is now a place to find jobs.  Currently the new job board covers the US and Toronto Metro, however, as time and expansion presses forward this tool will become more viable in Western Canada.

What does this mean to LinkedIn?  It is hard to predict given the intentions and the different markets served, however, the sheer size of Facebook offers some scalable advantage to data and filtering to target job seekers and Facebook has already been shown to be highly effective in recruiting lower-skilled workers. Development in the lower end of the market could provide a platform for moving upstream where LinkedIn core business is found.