Finding a Job on the Go

Sep 29, 2014

Phone Executrade

Finding the time to look for a new job can be difficult to say the least. Between working at your current job, braving traffic during your commute and winding down with your friends and family, sitting down at the computer for hours at a time just doesn’t fit into your busy schedule. So what’s the solution? There are several apps for your phone that can help you with your job search whenever you have a free minute no matter where you are.

Preparing and Organizing

Before you even get started on the search, it’s a good idea to make sure you are prepared and organized. Here are a few apps that can help:

  • Pocket Resume: This handy little app lets you design, create, manage and send your resume straight from your phone. You can even make changes so that you can customize your resume for whatever job you are applying for.
  • Interview Prep Questions: This is a great app that lets you prepare for one of the toughest parts of getting a new job—the interview. It has dozens of common interview questions in a flash card format as well as tips and suggestions on how to answer each one. You can ignore cards you already know or add them to the “Favs” deck if you need some more practice.
  • Good Job: This app lets you organize and manage your entire job searching endeavor in one simple place. You can set tasks, track and prioritize contacts and make notes for specific jobs or interviews. It also lets you store information about accounts you have created on specific company websites for easy reference.


Most of the big Internet search companies have their own job search app that you can use. Monster, Indeed and Career Builder, for instance, all have great apps that allow you to search, organize and potentially send your resume. The best advice is to try them all, and see which one you like the best. However, for those hard to find jobs, here are a couple of apps to check out:

  • Hidden Jobs: This handy little app does a lot of the leg work for you when searching for a job that might not be on the big Internet posting boards. Every day it searches company hiring announcements, newspapers, company press releases and other online media looking for jobs that you can’t find anywhere else. Keep in mind this is just a searching tool, it won’t let you post a resume or contact potential employers directly.
  • Job Compass: If you prefer to search with a more visual medium or are looking for a job in a very specific area, this is the app for you. You can specify a point on a map and search jobs in a radius or just look for something close to where you are.

Whatever app or method you use, make sure you have the hardware to support you on your journey. Look for a phone that has a huge screen for easy searches, a powerful battery and multi-tasking abilities to let you switch between apps. Don’t be afraid to try new things. The best way to find the job you love is to identify the things you love to do most. Good Luck!