Finding the Right Administrative Position for YOU – by Tracy Callander, Senior Recruitment Consultant

Dec 13, 2013

You are familiar with the saying, “You cannot judge a book by its cover”?  Well, the same applies to job opportunities and certainly rings true with administrative positions.

Perhaps this has happened to you? You accept an exciting job opportunity only to find yourself disappointed and maybe even looking again a few months later. Sound familiar?

Here are a few helpful tips that might prevent you from making future mistakes and assist you with finding the ideal administrative position!

1.       Do not rely simply on job titles…Job titles are not always consistent amongst organizations. The world of administration can be quite broad and “Administrative Assistant” does not often give full insight into the scope of a position.  Instead, look directly at the tasks/responsibilities listed in the job description. Ask yourself… “…are those tasks that I truly enjoy and want to perform on a daily basis?”

2.        Don’t be afraid to ask questionsOnce you have established that you are interested in the scope of a position, you can then determine other tangibles that will help you determine if the position is still right for you. For example:

  • What type of industry does this organization work in?
    (If you are unfamiliar with the industry, check out the company’s website and do your homework to determine if it is, in fact, an industry you would enjoy working in)
  • Where are they located?
    (Be honest with yourself. Are you willing to endure a long commute even during those Alberta winters?)
  • What is the dress code and what is their corporate culture like?
    (Do they meet your preferences?)
  • What are the benefits of joining their organization?
    (Consider what is important to you…an active social club? Opportunity for growth and development? A great benefit package? Long-term stability?)

3.        Are you ready to ‘go for it’?

  • Is your resume clear and concise and does it effectively communicate your skills and experience?
  • Are you prepared for your face-to-face interview?


If you have answered “NO”…not to worry. Executrade has many helpful tips for candidates on our website!

Best of luck in your job search! Don’t forget to visit Executrade’s Career Opportunity section for all current job postings!

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Tracy Callander, CPC
Senior Recruitment Consultant