Four Perfect Jobs for a People Person

Jun 04, 2014

When choosing what types of jobs to apply for, it’s important to take more than the hours, tasks and salary into consideration. It’s also crucial to think about your own personality and which careers would be a good fit. For example, if the phrase “I’ve never met a stranger” is true for you and you love being around people — at least most of the time — then certain jobs will mesh with your people person personality much better than others. The following four jobs are ideal for those who consider themselves to be extroverts who enjoy being around people:


As anyone who has ever been in a hospital knows quite well, a friendly and outgoing nurse who knows what he or she is doing can help make patients and their visiting families feel so much better. As Social Hires notes, nurses have to love people because they will deal with them all day long. From physicians and their requests to ill patients and their worried loved ones, outgoing people make ideal nurses because they have the patience needed to cope and help put everyone’s mind at ease. If a career in the medical field sounds appealing but you are not sure about fitting a traditional nursing school into your already-busy schedule, an online school like International Career School is a great option; the school offers programs and degrees for those who are interested in getting into the medical profession.

Physical therapist

As Social Science Space notes, a career as a physical therapist is a great choice for an extrovert. Many of their clients will be feeling down due to injury or the need for physical therapy, and a friendly people person who knows his or her stuff can make all the difference. In addition to helping clients heal and feel better, physical therapists can be personal cheerleaders and do what they can to interact with and help them feel better about their PT program and their body’s ability to get better.


Being a teacher — whether it’s for preschoolers or for high school kids — is an ideal career for a people person. As Madame Noire notes, teachers not only interact every day with their young charges, but also other teachers, administrators and parents. In order to survive in the often-stressful world of education, teachers need to be good communicators, upbeat, positive and fond of people of all ages.

Event Planner

This may very well be a perfect career for a people person. As an event planner, you may decide to specialize in weddings, which means you get to spend your days working with excited and nervous brides and grooms to be, helping them to plan their big day. If you focus on large corporate events, you will constantly work with clients who are looking for a great expo, career fair or convention. In either case, being an event planner means talking to a huge variety of people every day, from your clients to the vendors who will help make the events a success. It also requires an upbeat and cheerful can-do attitude that people persons typically have.