Gender Career Gaps Still Prevail from our Youth

Nov 05, 2012

A study conducted in the Eastern US has demonstrated that gender messages about careers still loom heavy, despite significant leaps and bounds to understanding and acceptance.  A survey presented to 1600 middle school students showed that girls see fewer career options for themselves than for boys, especially in areas related to science, technology, engineering and math.  Ten percent of girls said they would choose jobs in these fields compared to 32 percent of boys and twice as many boys (23% vs. 11% for girls) said their parents would like them to have a job in one of these related fields.  When asked whether “there are some jobs that boys are better at than girls,” 55 percent of the girls surveyed and 73 percent of the boys said they agreed with the statement.

There continues to be gendered gap that is driven from an early age inherent in western society and potential roles.  These gender assumptions and value will not dissipate easily, and some may not desire them to disappear at all.  What is important, and a mandate of HR professional, is that we, as recruiters, organizations and candidates seek to find the best possible human resource solutions, and do not employ gender basis that continue to be demonstrated by research as prevalent in society.