Hiring Managers Reveal the 15 Best Words to Use on Your Resume

Jun 25, 2014

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There was a survey that the Harris Poll did online on behalf of CareerBuilder and asked more than 2200 hiring managers and HR professionals to rank the best and worst words on resumes. Below is their list of the BEST words you can use on your resume. You’ll note one common theme among the top 15 best words—they are mostly action-driven verbs! It’s time to pull out your resume and play a quick game of word search!


1. Achieved: 52 percent

2. Improved: 48 percent

3. Trained/Mentored: 47 percent

4. Managed: 44 percent

5. Created: 43 percent

6. Resolved: 40 percent

7. Volunteered: 35 percent

8. Influenced: 29 percent

9. Increased/Decreased: 28 percent

10. Ideas: 27 percent

11. Negotiated: 25 percent

12. Launched: 24 percent

13. Revenue/Profits: 23 percent

14. Under budget: 16 percent

15. Won: 13 percent

What’s great about these terms is that they communicate action and show that you’ve actually DONE something. You would be amazed at how rapidly it increases your resume response rate.