Increase Your Employees’ Productivity With Ease

Jan 22, 2015


It pays to invest in your employees’ happiness… literally. Unhappy employees are usually disengaged at work—according to the Canada Human Resources Center, 60 percent of Canadian workers are not engaged at work, and another 15 percent are actively disengaged. This report also points out that unhappy workers have cost the North American business economy more than $350 billion annually in lost productivity, and that doesn’t include the cost of staff turnover and training new employees. Unhappiness at work isn’t always fixed by money either. If your business can incorporate a few innovative ideas, you may be able to re-engage your employees and create a more productive environment.

Encourage Exercise Breaks

One company in Albany, New York, incorporated exercise into their workplace by encouraging employees to participate in a two-minute exercise sessions every hour on the hour. From stretching, to crunches, to leg lifts, to power walks, employees who participate have seen a big difference in how they look and feel. It is purely voluntary, too. So, if at that time there is work to be done, employees can simply skip that session and wait for the next. Getting employees up and moving around and getting their blood pumping a little more can re-energize them from sitting for too long and can cut down on the stress of work.

Improve Your Lighting

Maybe it’s time you give the office a new look. One way to improve employee productivity is improved lighting. Marketer Andrew Jensen cites a study conducted by the American Society of Interior Design that states that 68 percent of employees complain about office lighting, whether it be too bright, not enough or the artificial lighting just gives them a headache. To help combat this problem, upgrade your office window treatments and lighting to see improvement in your staff production. Natural lighting in the office often results in happier employees, so make sure to open blinds and draw back drapes.

Re-Inspire Your Staff

If employees are having difficulty inspiring themselves to work, perhaps it is time for you to take the lead. Conduct more brainstorm sessions to generate new business ideas and put renewed vigor into your employees by making them feel more important. Or, create a new vision for your team to boost productivity. Get them fired up over a new concept or a new direction that proves to them they are part of your business’ future and growing aspirations.

Micro-managing, however, is one way to frustrate productivity. Instead of nit-picking and always looking over their shoulders, encourage your employees to take a risk every now and then. Of course, risk awareness in business is good, but a working environment where workers are afraid to make mistakes isn’t a place for inspiration or healthy production. Remove that fear factor and replace it with encouragement and watch your staff productivity flourish.

Create a Family Atmosphere

If your business can extend a helping hand to your employees beyond the workplace, you will see their level of trust and dedication increase. Thus, by providing services to help employees with child care, their aging parents or household matters, employees will be less stressed at work and feel a sense of security. This will let them focus on their work and do their jobs well.

If your business can’t afford such services financially, try reworking employees’ schedules to be flexible enough to leave work early to pick up their child from school or to care for a sick parent. You also may want to encourage employees to socialize outside of work. Family get-togethers can strengthen the bonds among you and your staff, creating a level of dependability and respectability that will show inside and outside the office.