Job Seekers: Be Email Ready

Aug 30, 2012

Today’s ability to gain employment has many pitfalls and landmines.  Some are justified and others perception but all important because you never know what a hiring manager will see as offensive or unprofessional.  In a discussion with a job seeker recently we spoke about her need to get a new email as she started to look at a new job, however, she was more interested in having an email that reflected her personal life instead of a career oriented email. This is the golden rule in email creation – emails that represent you personally can leave much to the imagination – this can hinder your job prospects.

Here are a few tips to help you ensure you have the email that will leave little to the imagination, and therefore, little to chance:

  1. or These types of email addresses are unprofessional. We all had them or have then, either to represent us in a different light to friends or just as fun thing to do.  Professionally they are a detriment to your search and should not be used.
  2. Do not use your current employment address as your primary address as a job seeker. This may signal you do not respect your current employ or are searching on company time.
  3. or Take note that your job seeking email should remove all indications of race, religion, politics, creed or other personal identification that is not used for evaluation by hiring managers.
  4. or initial of first or last name ( is the preferred professional method to represent yourself via email. Your name is who you are and leaves little to assumption or perception.  If you have a very hard to read or spell name, use initials or first name only to increase easy of communication.

We all have had the emails that reflect more than our name, just like other online and social media options, however, who you are online and via email must reflect who you are professionally.  We know that emails can be so hard to secure that sometimes out of frustration we choose those that make little sense.  Realize that emails are a critical component of communication and reflect you as a person, employee, cultural fit, attention to detail and professionalism.  Take a moment to ensure yours leaves noting to perception.