Jobseekers: Diamonds or Rubies…or Commodity?

Jun 08, 2012

There is often a misconception regarding job seeking – get your resume into as many hands as possible and you will have exposure to more jobs.  However, this is a critical misconception that all job seekers should be aware of.  Consider the precious gems as an example – diamonds and rubies.  Rubies are more rare and scarce than diamonds and one would think that this should increase the value of rubies over diamonds; however this is not the case.  Why?  Because diamonds have perception and marketing on their side.  Diamonds have perceived scarcity and marketing – events such as anniversaries and weddings, Hollywood stars and commercials.  Diamonds are arguably the most precious gem when in truth they are not the most scarce.

Here is the lesson for job seekers…you need to create perceived scarcity in the market place to increase your value and you need to have the correct marketing.  Putting your resume into the hands of many recruiters will increase the commonality of your resume and eliminate scarcity; moreover, the impact of marketing you as a candidate is reduced.  Picking the right recruiter is critical because you want to maintain strength of scarcity and marketing – not be the resume everyone is pitching – becoming a commodity.  If too many recruiters are putting your name forward your value goes from gem to coal and you become less precious. To attain the position and fit in a company you have to bring as much value as you expect to get – and we all want great value form our careers.  Don’t undermine your value with commonality.  Choose a recruiter who cares about your future, goals, and hesitations to the right fit can be found and the value maintained.

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