July 2013 Unemployment Numbers

Aug 09, 2013

The July unemployment numbers for Canada remained relatively stable for a fifth month, hovering at 7.2%. For the western provinces there were some notable jumps in the employment numbers.
Saskatchewan, moved from a 4.5% unemployment rate to 3.7% last month, rebounded back to 4% in the month of July. Sask holds onto the lowest unemployment rate in the country.
BC continued to show much stronger ebbs and flows, moving from 6.8% in May, 6.3% in June and back to 6.7% in July. The larger swings in unemployment in BC are not unusual due to many industry and demographic factors.
Alberta which had seen two months of consecutive increases in in the employment rate with strong growth to the labour force is one of only two provinces to see unemployment drop to 4.5% in July. The other was New Brunswick which saw a very positive swing from 11.2% in June to 10.2% unemployment in July.