Knowing Who You Need and Using the Right Tools to Find Them

Feb 22, 2013

The latest executive survey (2012), which notes that 73 percent of executives reported that a lack of internal talent has led their organizations to postpone or abandon objectives during the past two years.  However, Today’s organizations are set on achieving more with less. Simple tasks are being routinized so that organizations can focus their resources on the expert talent that will help them work smarter. Yet, during a time when key talent is desperately needed, there seems to be a global shortage of higher-level critical skills, particularly leadership skills, in the labor pool.  This talent shortage occurs in the midst of a market that is saturated with job seekers who are savvier than ever, well coached, and well informed about how to land the job they want. As a result, organizations are discovering that the employment pool is too large and possibilities to great.  They need better methods to identify who will best fill their critical talent gaps. Thus, the challenge looming ahead for staffing directors and their business partners in the coming years is not just how to get high-quality candidates to line up outside their door, but how to zero in on the ones that they want to step through.  Unfortunately, research suggest most have neglected two time-tested keys to success when selecting employees: knowing who they need and using the right tools to find them.