Low Confidence and Trust in Senior Leaders (Research Nov 12/12)

Nov 15, 2012

It has been said that “people don’t leave companies, people leave managers.”  This statement proves true in many cases, and research released Nov 12, 2012 demonstrates why. Less than half (44 per cent) of Canadian employees ‘agree’ (14% strongly/31% somewhat) that ‘they have confidence in the senior leadership of my workplace. This leaves an amazing 56% of people lack confidence in an organizations senior leadership. More specifically, three in ten (29%) ‘disagree’ (14% strongly/15%somewhat) that they have confidence, with the remaining 27% unsure or neutral.

Moreover, only 39% agree with the statement “I trust what my senior leaders say.” This means that only 40% of employees trust and have confidence in their senior leaders.  Senior leadership has been said to caste the longest shadow, driving culture, objectives, strategy and vision.  To have 60% that do not have confidence or trust in senior leadership can be damaging to the future of organizations, specifically questioning long-term retention within a given organization.  The only thing that is more concerning is that most senior leaders may not be aware of the lack of confidence or trust and therefore do not address needed change.