Nearly 1 in 4 workers dissatisfied with work-life balance: Survey

Dec 03, 2014


Nearly one-quarter of Canadian workers struggle to find a balance between work and personal time, according to a survey from

23% said they are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their work-life balance, while one-half are satisfied or very satisfied with their work-life balance.

A majority of workers (68%) said they felt burnt out on their job at times, and 13% said they “always” feel burned out on the job.

“One way employers can counter these effects is to offer more benefits around work-life balance, such as more flexible hours or the option to work from home,” said Mark Bania, director of CareerBuilder Canada.

But while two-thirds of employees feel companies should offer flexible work schedules to every employee, the remaining 35% believe workers should have to earn the right to a flexible work schedule.

When asked about the three most important factors of their jobs, salary was cited most often (75%) by workers, followed by:

•job security: 70%
•work-life balance: 64%
•learning opportunities: 25%
•the ability to make a difference: 21%
•autonomy in my position: 18%

When asked if they would choose a bigger paycheck over a shorter work week, the overwhelming majority of workers (71%) said they would opt for extra cash, found the survey of 422 workers.

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