Nearly Half of Canadians Have ‘Dream Job’

Oct 02, 2013

A dream job may not be as elusive as you think. Nearly half of Canadians recently surveyed said they were already working in their dream jobs, according to a poll by the Bank of Montreal.

The survey results listed 47% of respondents as saying they had already found their dream jobs, while two thirds (65%) said they looked forward to going into the office each day. And 70% of those surveyed say they feel that they’re valued at work.

Men (51%) were more likely than women (43%) to say they were employed in their dream jobs.

Regionally, the highest percentage of those to say they were working in their dream jobs lived in Quebec (59%), followed by those in Alberta (50%), Saskatchewan and Manitoba (47%), Atlantic Canada (45%) and B.C. (44%). Only 40% of those surveyed in Ontario said they were employed in a dream gig.

BMO said the survey did not ask participants which sectors they worked in.