Performance Review Opportunities

Apr 22, 2013

Your performance review is a tense moment for some and shrugged off by others but offers an opportunity for growth.  Here’s how to get the most of your next performance review.

Leave your ego at the door. Everyone wants to hear that they’re doing a great job; however we all have areas for improvement and growth. Use feedback to learn what that is.

Be gracious. Many of us prepare to hear the worst and filter the praise.  Be gracious and take a moment to let the power of accomplishments sink in.

Actively listen – and learn. Professional growth is based on knowing where you can improve. Listen to criticism with an open mind. It was a decision you made or a behaviour that you displayed so learn from it and strengthen your position from it.

Own your mistakes and learn from them. We all make mistakes and this is where those are likely to be recounted.  Acknowledge the mistake but don’t beat yourself up over it – this is a time for improvement, not blame and defense.

Take notes. A performance review is emotionally charged for most people and that can often make you feel flustered. Capture what is being said by taking notes – so you can refer back to them for what was said, instead of what you remember being said.

Break from routine. People have a tendency to stick to their own methods of doing things because they’ve worked in the past. Give an alternative a try – it’s good for your development and for the company.

Take the advice… and run with it. The review is a chance to learn from others about how to approach things differently than what we have done.  Give an alternative approach try, you may find it to work for you and if it does not creates an experience of learning. There is no downside.

Share the responsibility for change. If you need to make changes develop a strategy and set goals for next year. In figuring out an action plan, be sure to ask for assistance from your manager, such as coaching, additional training or self-help resources.