Resume and Language

Jun 27, 2013

During the job application process you have a few moments to make an impression strong enough to outweigh others looking to make a bigger impression. One of the elements that cannot be avoided is a resume and language in that resume is critical to setting you apart. A survey of hiring managers identified that some phrases have been so over-used in recent resumes that it is wise to seek greater specificity. Some of the identified over-used words and phrases in resumes that should be avoided in favour of something more specific are:
• Highly-qualified
• Hard-worker
• Team player
• Problem solver
• Flexible
• Self-starter
• Reliable
While these words are great descriptors they are also vague and impossible to showcase, and with a list of duties that one may probably assume form your job title, your resume will have little meat. Accomplishments on the other hand provide substance to your resume and will peak the attention of those reading it. Use accomplishments to highlight your transferable skills and add specificity to your adjectives…this creates strength in your resume and trust that what you are describing is really you.