Ten Uncomfortable Deeds That Will Make You More Successful

Oct 03, 2016

You have probably heard the saying “Life starts at the end of your comfort zone”? There is a lot wrapped up in that saying isn’t there? Many of us start thinking of doing some great, unknown thing and automatically start over thinking all of the obstacles and shortcomings that we will face before we even begin! It’s called Fear. But if you can really break it down, fear has no teeth.

Fear = False – Evidence – Appearing – Real

Fear = Face – Everything – And – Rise

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is where all the greatness happens. If you never test yourself or push yourself to achieve something totally incomprehensible, how will you ever know how far you can go?

Try these 10 deeds, for it’s the everyday challenges that test you the most.

  1. Get up early: If you get up well before you have to, you give yourself the opportunity to collect your thoughts, mentally prepare for the day, and maybe even get in a healthy breakfast and a workout. Benefits! Pretend you don’t know how the snooze button works, put the alarm on the other side of the room and get up with purpose. Put your feet on the floor each morning ready to slay dragons!
  2. Don’t Multitask: In today’s world, we are bombarded with numerous tasks each day. Urgent! Important! Deadlines! We may feel that if we don’t get everything done at the same time, we fall behind. And that is an uncomfortable feeling. But contrary to what you may have heard, research conducted at Stanford confirms multitasking makes it more difficult to organize thoughts and filter out irrelevant information, and it reduces the efficiency and quality of our work. The researchers found that people who are regularly bombarded with several streams of electronic information cannot pay attention, recall information, or switch from one job to another as well as those who complete one task at a time. Stop being a squirrel and focus.
  3. Accomplish an “impossible” goal: Have you ever achieved something so great, that you blew yourself away? Have you ever felt the sheer exhilaration that comes from attaining a far fetched pipe dream? Maybe these achievements fall too far outside of your comfort zone that they seem impossible. These accomplishments are worth every bit of grit you have in you to achieve them because once you finally do it; you feel 10 feet tall and bullet proof.
  4. Talk to someone you don’t know: Stranger danger. Am I right? Our whole childhood we were told over and over to never talk to strangers, and then we grow into adults and social networking is an important thing! Talking to new people is uncomfortable. Do it anyway. If you don’t know where to begin, compliments go a long way. People love to talk about themselves. Social interaction expands your network, exposes you to new ideas, and boosts your self-confidence.
  5. Practice public speaking: As per Jerry Seinfeld, if fear of public speaking was number one and death was lower down the list, that means that people would rather die than give the eulogy at a funeral. In fact, 74 percent of Americans have glossophobia (the fancy word for a fear of public speaking). It may be terrifying but it’s worth it. Join a Toast Masters class, or practice in your bathroom mirror. Either way, learn! Public speaking can be a huge boost to your career.
  6. Haud Yer Wheesht: Biting your tongue requires emotional intelligence. Now that may sound paradoxical but I’m talking figuratively here people. Sure, we all know it can feel really good to lay into someone or “prove them wrong”. But at the end of the day, no one ever won an argument. When in conflict, reading your emotions allows you to respond with tact. It’s uncomfortable, and goes against our human nature to defend and be right. But it’s beneficial towards your career success.
  7. Say no.No is a powerful word that when used, frees you from unnecessary constraints. It’s indeed a major challenge for many people. When it’s time to say no, avoid phrases such asI don’t think I can or I’m not certain. Saying no to a new commitment honors your existing commitments and gives you the opportunity to successfully fulfill them.
  8. Quit putting things off. It is a fact of nature to always take the path of least resistance. But just like the creation of diamonds, change requires pressure: Change is hard and when things are hard, it’s always easier to decide to tackle them tomorrow. Saying you’ll do it tomorrow is just an excuse, and it means that either you don’t really want to do it or that you want the results without the hard work that comes along with it. Do it now, do it now, do it now!
  9. Volunteer: Volunteering takes time and prioritizing it into our busy schedule. Sometimes this means it can be put on the back burner behind binge watching Netflix after a long workday. Volunteering is a powerful experience that feels good and expands your network at the same time. You will be better for it.
  10. Meditate: It’s easy to get stuck in your comfort zone when you’re so busy that you don’t slow down enough to really think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Meditation is a great way to break this cycle. Meditation increases brain density in areas responsible for self-control, focus, problem-solving, flexibility, and resilience.