The Cost of Labour Shortages

Jul 19, 2013

An Alberta report suggest the labour shortage will cost the provincial economy $33.5 billion in current dollars over four years in lost household income and corporate profits, and $6.8 billion in foregone taxes. The study says Edmonton and the Banff-Jasper region are two areas at greatest risk for labour shortages and the retail, hotel, food services and health care industries are expected to be hit hardest.

The most controversial recommendation urges changes to immigration policy when it comes to lower-skilled workers. Based on a 2011 survey of members, 11 per cent of the industry’s jobs were filled by temporary foreign workers and some at some hotels, they make up 33% of the staff. Dave Kaiser, president and CEO of the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association said removing unskilled temporary foreign labour would be “devastating” to the accommodation industry.

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