The Importance of Networking – By David Gorn, Senior Recruitment Consultant

Nov 29, 2013

I’m a strong proponent of networking from a number of perspectives. Through networking, I have built a “Pumps and Valves” Sales Desk to a level where it has been my sole focus.

I have told many candidates that networking can help get the career change they desire. Often I speak to candidates with great sales backgrounds, who want to break into a mechanical technical sales role in the Oil and Gas business, but have no related industry experience or education. As good as their sales skills, experience and mechanical aptitude may be, most of the top equipment suppliers will not be willing to entertain resumes from me without industry experience.

Clients have a vision of the ideal candidate and expect us to match them with someone that fits the skill sets and experience that they have profiled. Most of these Companies are not willing to pay to take a risk on someone that does not have the contacts or understanding of the industry market. As well, they’ll have to commit the significant cost of training someone who does not have a related technical background. From their end, the costs and the risks seem too high for their appetites.

However hiring is still partially an emotional decision and fit is so important. If a candidate wants to break into a new industry, networking is a fantastic way. Going to trade shows and industry mixers will help in research and meeting key industry centers of influence and knowledge. A candidate will learn about industry direction, technology, processes, people and culture. They then can leverage the people they’ve met and ask to meet again for coffee or lunch, in the interest of learning more. In my experience “centers of Influence” will be open to help. The key is NOT to ask for a job directly yet.

A candidate will be surprised at how helpful people are and how much they learned about the industry and people that drive it. They can now make an informed decision whether it’s the direction they want to go. They can now target companies that they are excited about and feel would be a good fit. Most importantly, through networking they have the opportunity to make a great impression on a hiring manager, as well as show a dedication/passion to the process of breaking in.

David Gorn
Senior Recruitment Consulant
Executrade – Your Recruitment Specialists

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