The Power of Thank You – Write a Note and Reap the Benefits

Jul 17, 2012

Many studies have identified the power of saying ‘thank you.’  When you say ‘thank you’ your customers they spend more, they return less, they tell their friends about you and your service delivery.  In the workplace employee productivity increases when a sign of appreciation is shown such as ‘thank you.’  Likewise vendors go the extra mile, provide deeper discounts, extend credit, deliver on time and increase consideration.  This drives profit, margin and success.

If this is the case in all aspects of business then it would be expected that appreciation has positive benefits in all aspects of life – including job seeking.  Research shows that candidates that send a thank you note to a potential employer after an interview have a higher likelihood of being hired.    This is a very important part of the hiring process, not only for the candidate but for the recruiter.

Candidates are encouraged to send in a ‘thank you’ note in all cases; even if they did not think the interview went well or did not want the job.  First and foremost business is about building relationships – all relationships and courtesy and appreciation is the foreground for that development.

However, as important as the ‘thank you’ note is, what is more important is what is written.  Take the time to recall qualities of the interviewer or highlights of the interview.  Show that the interview had meaning to you and the interview had insight.  A hand written note is always best; however, time does not always afford this luxury, so email is a readily acceptable method.  In a thank you note, less is more – do not lose sight of the authenticity.

Some do not know where to start or how to write an effective ‘thank you’ note.  Here is a generic sample note that may provide some structure and ideas:

“Interviewers Name,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the position, expectations and more importantly your experience.  Your insight was appreciated and I am excited about the future opportunity of working with you and the team.



We should not underestimate the power of saying thank you and all candidates should take the time to send a thank you note.  There is no downside to the act and the upside is not just a greater likelihood of being hired but the opportunity to start building a strong employee-employer relationship.

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