Top 10 Reasons to Quit Your Job

Jul 15, 2014

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Less than one-third of professionals are very satisfied with their current role, according to a LinkedIn study.

Not every professional is lucky enough to find their dream job immediately (or ever). This is why quitting has become a social norm over the last five years. 

If you’ve been questioning your current role and feel it’s time to make a move, here are 10 reasons other people are quitting and why you should, too:

1. You desire more opportunities for career advancement.

According to LinkedIn’s Exit Mobility Survey, one of the top three reasons employees leave their jobs is the desire for greater opportunities for advancement.

2. You want an improved work/life balance.

Do you feel burned out from work or that there’s not enough time in the day to pursue your other passions? Research shows 80 percent of employees desire more flexible work options.

3. You feel your skills are untapped.

Have you realized you might be overqualified for your current position? According to a study by Lee Hecht Harrison, 62 percent of workers feel underutilized in their jobs.

4. You want to learn and grow professionally.

Does it feel like you’ve hit a dead end in your current position? More learning opportunities is cited as one of the top five factors in seeking or considering a new job, according to LinkedIn.

5. You desire better compensation and benefits.

Many professionals feel they are not getting paid their worth. In fact, better compensation and benefits is the second most important factor when people look for new jobs, according to LinkedIn.

If you’re looking to find a job because you want better compensation, research jobs and salaries on This can give you a better idea of how much someone with your experience and credentials should get paid.

6. You dread going to work each day.

According to CareerBuilder, 58 percent of people who are dissatisfied with their job plan to find a new one this year.

When every day begins to feel like a Monday, this is a sign it’s time to move on. If you’ve done everything possible to improve your work situation, start looking for opportunities that provide more satisfaction.

7. You want more meaning in your career.

According to Millennial Branding, 30 percent of Gen Y workers believe “meaningful work” is a very important benefit when selecting an employer.

8. You want to be recognized for your achievements.

According to Accenture, 31 percent of employees leave because of a lack of recognition.

9. You no longer fit in with the company culture.

Have you been feeling like the odd person out whenever you go to work? You could be outgrowing your company’s culture.

When people look for a new job, 56 percent of professionals choose an organization because it seems like a great place to work.

10. You don’t approve of your boss’s performance.

A bad boss can have a large impact on your job satisfaction. According to CareerBuilder, 37 percent of employees leave their jobs because they have a poor opinion of their boss. If you’re feel like your boss hasn’t been a good leader or respected your needs, it’s time to find an opportunity that appreciates your hard work and loyalty.

Original post by Heather Huhman can be found on LinkedIn.