Want to be Great at What You Do

Sep 05, 2013

Most people want to be great at what they do, but only a few actually reach the top of their profession. Kids grow up wishing to become famous singers, actors, and sports stars. But few ever make it. Adults leave college hoping to be great teachers, doctors, and in my case strength coaches, but few ever make it to the top.

Kids stop trying to make it as pro sports players because they find out that it’s hard to make it to the top level; it’s no different in the workforce. People find that to be truly great takes time and hard work. Instead of answering to the call and stepping their game up, most will take the easy route and just strive to be a little bit above average.

Here are the 3 variables that play a role in becoming a world-class performer.

Innate Ability:  We are all born with gift and passions, we develop them, we build them – use them strategically to become world-class whether it is a passion for numbers or physical agility.

 Deliberate Practice: One does not just become better at their job over time; in fact, some may argue that we become worse because we fail to want to be better at our given craft.  Consider a hobby you love, say you are a runner.  You want to go longer or faster and you deliberately practise and train.  Now think about work – do you have gals and target to bet better and deliberately practise?

Right Place Right Time: Make the time right and the place right.  That is more up to you then you think or give yourself credit for.  Look at Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. If he was born in the middle ages would he have found a way to revolutionize some type of technology or was he only ‘lucky’ to be born in a time when technology existed to allow the creating of Apple?

What It All Means

Most will never be great at anything, always staying somewhere between below average and average – but it is a choice.  You have to working on your weaknesses and not just what you are good at. It takes a focus and determination.