What Does it Mean to be a Temporary Employee?

Jun 07, 2016

In Canada over 40,000 people are temporary employees staffed through staffing professionals. What does it mean to be a temporary employee?  It means you swoop in and save the day when companies call for help. It means you take your flexibility and use it as an advantage in the market place. It means that 40,000 of you thrive on the diversity of work which can change from day to day. It means we this week we take the time to celebrate you during Staffing for Canada Week.

Staffing for Canada week was first established as “National Temporaries Week in 1980 – in Edmonton. It was the start of movement to recognize your contributions, large and small, on a daily basis to our economic engine in Canada. Thank you for being part of the staffing profession, trusting us not only with your working structure, relationships and career goals but also to all those who work with us to keep you busy.  We want to say thank you.

Your Friends at Executrade.