What to Expect when Recruiting

Aug 29, 2019

Finding the right fit for your team can be a long and arduous process. A single job posting can garner hundreds of resumes and applications, and that’s only the start of the process. Countless hours may be invested into sorting, ranking and interviewing – just to fill one position. Recruitment agencies can take a process that normally takes months and turn it into weeks.

Not only can a recruitment firm save time and money, they can help safeguard your reputation throughout the search process. Receiving hundreds of resumes means you’re rejecting hundreds of candidates, which has the potential to create a ripple of negative impressions out in the market. Hiring a recruiter means you stay anonymous until those hundreds of resumes are screened and the potential superstars rise to the surface.

The relationship you can develop with your recruiter can lead to amazing talent finding their way to your organization. Recruiters are able to work through all the complex human factors that accompany finding new team members. Executrade’s process helps build strong relationships with the organizations we work with – and we help businesses grow in ways  they could never imagine.

Living it is knowing it

When we meet with a new business, we work through a long list of questions to get at the heart of what kind of person their team needs. We ask why the position is currently vacant, what are the team’s overall goals for the organization, what challenges there have been with this position, who this employee reports to and how soon they need the position filled. The more we know about the business, the better we can meet their recruitment needs and find employees who go beyond simply checking off all the right boxes.

Part of the process of getting to know your business involves Executrade’s team members immersing themselves into the day-to-day operations, seeing how the business operates and what the personalities in the office are like. We talk with other team members to get to know the culture of the business and find all the intangibles of what would make a truly ideal employee.

The vibe of the tribe

The most successful employees at a company aren’t necessarily the ones with the best education and experience on their resumes. Those are important factors, but finding the candidate who fits into the company culture is often the make-or-break factor. When a new employee fits into the company culture, they have an easier time finding their rhythm and can start producing star-quality work much more quickly.

Company culture is impossible to measure and can be difficult to notice if you live within it every day. When we start working with a business, we’re able to objectively look at their culture and see which work styles and personality traits will integrate best into their environment. Especially if you start looking at potential employees from outside of your normal business connections, and even outside of the industries you normally recruit from, making sure there’s an alignment in attitude and values is a key factor to finding the right fit.

Busting the (industry) bubble

Any industry can feel like a small town, especially if you’ve been in your business for a long time. Finding new staff can become heavily skewed by your own professional network and it can sometimes feel like everyone you know simply isn’t the right fit for what you need.

This is where the objectivity of a recruiter can come in most handy. We’re able to find potential employees in places you may never think to look. Because we have an expansive network of professionals from all different industries and even geographical regions, we can peer deeper into what businesses are asking for in an employee and pinpoint individuals completely off these business’s radars.

Developing a deep relationship means we understand your business and your culture. This helps us read between the lines and see potential in some candidates who may have been screened out otherwise. Our business client always has the final call on who they want to join their team, but we make an effort to show some candidates who may be ‘out of the box’ choices for the role – but who can deliver incredible value to the organization.

When it comes to what makes a successful recruitment effort, it boils down to strong relationships. It’s not enough to hand over a pile of resumes. Instead, strong recruiters spend time knowing the ins and outs of your business to find the right fit – and fast.