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Wage Comparison

Use the Salary Wizard to discover the average wage somebody in your field of work makes:

Social Media Behaviour Tips

Candidates are encouraged to:

  • Ensure all social media sites represent you professionally
  • Ensure LinkedIn represents you accurately
  • Be polite and courteous in all social media posts and content
  • Social Media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other networks are an extension of you, ensure they represent you accurately

Resume Tips

Click here to see a list of recommendations that will help you build a great resume.

Attributes Employers Desire

  1. Positive, enthusiastic attitude
  2. Skill and experience related to the job
  3. Ability to communicate
    -Ability to adapt positively to change
  4. Flexibility
    -Ability to adapt well to change
  5. Energy
    -“Go-getter” type of personality
  6. Motivation and goals
    -Commitment to the job
  7. Initiative
    -Ability to anticipate work and take action to get things done
  8. Team worker
    -Ability to energize and motivate others
  9. Diplomacy
    -Sensitivity to others
  10. Organization
    -Ability to plan work to meet timelines
  11. High personal standards
    -Trustworthiness, stability, punctuality, neatness and industriousness
  12. Self-confidence
    -Ability to demonstrate a sense of maturity which enables you to deal with situations and people, positively and effectively
  13. Intelligence
  14. Assertiveness
  15. Leadership skills
  16. Analytical skills

Interview Tips

You know you’re the best person for the job. So, how do you let the interviewer know that you’re the ideal employee? One way is to prepare in advance for your job interview. When you are prepared, you can better anticipate what you may experience during the interview process, which will make you feel much more comfortable and relaxed. Please take some time to browse through some of the interview tips we’ve compiled to help guide candidates through the interview process. Also, please remember that our experienced recruiters are recruitment specialists who are available to answer your recruitment and job interview questions.