Dress Code Tips

The following tips outline suggestions to help you project a professional image and appropriately represent yourself.

Professional Women’s Dress

  • Tailored pant suit
  • Tailored skirt suit (knee length or longer skirt)
  • Dress with matching jacket
  • Closed-toed shoes with appropriate hosiery


Business Casual Women’s Dress

  • Dress pants or skirt (knee length or longer skirt)
  • A blouse or knit top with modest neckline
  • Jacket or a sweater set
  • Appropriate undergarments worn with sheer fabrics
  • Appropriate footwear


Professional Men’s Dress

  • Suit with dress shirt and tie
  • Sports jacket or blazer with dress shirt and tie
  • Single or double-pleated dress pant
  • Plain front (flat) dress pant
  • Black or brown dress shoes


Business Casual Men’s Dress

  • Dress pants
  • Open-collared sport shirt
  • Mock or polo knit sweater
  • Turtlenecked-styled sweater
  • Black or brown dress shoes


In all cases, good hygiene is a must. Some of our clients may have their own dress codes. If this is the case, please observe the client’s policies.