5 Interview Tips You Should Know

Expert interviewers know which questions to ask to find out not only about applicants’ skills but also about how they think, how they view the world, and how committed they are to getting the job done while still preserving some sense of balance in life.

However, an interview is not a one-way street. It is an exchange of information, providing you with an opportunity to learn about your potential employer and the position being offered. Follow our 5 tips with interview success!

Job interview tip #1: It is important to prepare for the interview in advance so that you will feel relaxed and confident. Research common interview questions, investigate the company’s social media accounts, get directions to your interview location and prepare a copy of your resume and a pen and paper to bring with you. Your preparedness will project your confidence to the employer.

Job interview tip #2: Arrive at your interview a few minutes early to ensure that you’re centred and calm. Take a deep breath – we know that the word “interview” makes many people nervous and insecure but it is important to not let your anxiety get the best of you. The thirty minutes spent with the interviewer may determine the future course your career is to take but, if your body language communicates a lack of confidence, the interviewer may interpret that as a lack of confidence in your abilities. A calm smile, a level demeanour, and confident eye contact can make a huge impact on your interviewer.

Job interview tip #3: Keep in mind that you are not asking for a job; you are actually trying to sell your services and prove that you are their ideal candidate. An employer hires you not as a favour to you, but because he/she thinks you’d be a great fit for the role.

Job interview tip #4: An individual goes to a job interview with two objectives: to sell his/her services and to collect information and review the job description and the company. The hiring manager also has two objectives: to collect information which will help in predicting the individual’s future performance and to provide information about the job and company. Both have the further goal of checking personal chemistry: “Do I want to work with this person? Do our corporate philosophies fit?”

Job interview tip #5: The impression you leave with an interviewer should not end when the interview does. Send a thank you note! It is a simple way to stay fresh in the employer’s mind and demonstrate your communications skills. It is also an excellent opportunity to reinforce a point, to answer any questions that you may have forgotten in the anxiety of the interview, and again to emphasize how much you want the position.

Use the second paragraph in the note to remind the interviewer who you are. Maybe something was said during the interview that was unusual. This note is a second opportunity to make a mini sales call on the job interview.

Whether or not you get a particular job offer is not fully within your control; however, doing everything you can to portray yourself as a worthy candidate is something you can control.

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