Selling Yourself in An Interview

Your chances of success will be noticeably improved if you spend time and effort ensuring that your presentation during a job interview is professionally executed.

For a moment, pretend you are an interviewer and ask yourself, “Do I consider this person (you) a worthy candidate for a position with my company?” If you say “Yes”, you obviously have some confidence, which is good, but not good enough if you want to outshine your competition.

Continuing in your pretend-role of interviewer, ask yourself, “In what ways does this person (yourself) stand out above all other people I’ve talked with?” Tough question? You bet! But it is one you should be ready to answer if you want the real interviewer, the one who will be judging you, to take you seriously.

To answer this and other difficult questions properly, you must invest the time and effort necessary to prepare yourself. Being prepared and selling yourself professionally during the interview will increase your chances of succeeding.

Since the product you are selling is yourself, you must know everything the interviewer could conceivably ask about you. You must become an expert on selling yourself. It’s not so very difficult, but it does require considerable effort and time.

You must also know about the company that is interviewing you. If you can’t visualize ways how you will enhance this company’s operations, chances are they won’t be able to visualize them either!

Remember, the better you know and sell yourself, and understand the position you are striving for, the more spontaneous and confident you will be.