Construction Project Manager Jobs in Calgary

You are a tireless organizer who is not afraid to get your hands dirty. You are as comfortable handling construction and renovation projects as you are scheduling timelines and interviewing contractors.

If you’re a construction manager seeking work in Alberta, you’ve got it made.

Demand for Construction Managers in Calgary

Construction Project Managers are a key part of the construction process. There is growing opportunity in Calgary and Edmonton for construction project managers to expand and grow in their careers. There is a strong need for qualified construction management personnel with construction firms, government, property developers and consulting firms.

Job Description for a Construction Manager

The project manager is responsible for all processes related to a project. As a construction manager, you could be responsible for managing the project delivery process for a new community development, a million dollar vertical commercial space, or even a new highway. Construction managers have a range of responsibilities, from keeping up-to-date with the latest environmental and technological advances, to ensuring the final quality control on the site.

Pre-Requisites for a Career in Construction Project Management

As the construction industry continues to grow, there is a need for construction managers with a wide range of knowledge, experience and skills. Many employers are looking for construction managers who can manage all aspects of a job site. Ideally, employers are looking for construction managers to have experience working in their specific industry with a degree, diploma or journeyman certification depending on the industry.

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