Finance Jobs

The opportunities for your career in finance in Edmonton or Calgary are endless. From working with financial planning businesses to leading the head office finance team. Finance workers are involved in a range of different careers and responsibilities, from investment bankers to traders, or portfolio managers to financial planners or advisors. 

Considering a Career in Finance?

Many people incorrectly assume that a career in finance is quite literally, all about the money. 

This simply is not the case. 

A career in finance can mean a variety of things and utilizing a range of skills.

Love working with people and have a passion for customer service? A career in financial advising could be right up your alley. 

Prefer dealing with high-level finance? Corporate financial may be the way to go. 

Mortgage Broker Jobs

As a mortgage broker, you are the financial advisor to the real estate world. You combine your knowledge of the finance world and the housing market to help clients to find the best rate.

With Alberta being the second fastest growing province in the country, the real estate industry is a great sector for opportunities. And with an average salary above $70,000, prospective Alberta mortgage brokers have a lot to look forward to. 

Financial Analyst Jobs

As a financial analyst, you have one of the most popular positions in the finance field. It is your responsibility to analyze the financial information of small, medium-sized businesses, all the way up to corporate finance. 

You spend your day to day speculating on financial forecasts, researching financial options or managing capital. In this role, you must have a keen interest in the market. Analysts always have their ear to the ground to accurately forecast how economic conditions will affect their clients. 

Financial Executive Jobs

As a financial executive, it is your responsibility to direct and manage the financial direction of the company. This means that you influence the financial strategy (and ultimate fiscal success of the company). Your skills in data analysis, projecting financial trends, and developing strategies. Usually you report to the chief financial officer or CEO of a company and are no stranger to pressure. 

Finance Jobs in Calgary, Alberta 

There is a short supply of skilled financial and accounting professionals in Calgary. Candidates in the city are able to demand a competitive wage and benefits package. In the coming years, the shortage is only projected to get worse. 

With the range of financial and accounting jobs open in Calgary, candidates are spoilt for choice. Recent surveys have found that candidate favour efficient recruitment processes. This means they are walking away from extensive (or sometimes inefficient) ones. 

Finance Jobs in Edmonton, Alberta

Looking for a job in finance in Edmonton? While the economy may have slowed in the past decade, the demand for qualified brokers, accounting, and payroll clerks has not. Edmonton employers come to Executrade recruiters to fill everything from part-time finance roles to full-time senior financial analysts. 

If you’re looking for a new opportunity in finance in Calgary or Edmonton, review our current opportunities below. If you can’t find a relevant posting, contact our team of recruiters.


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