Permanent and Contract Recruitment Process

The standard and thorough processes within our experienced recruitment firm helps to ensure our team finds the best search and placement options for our clients. From determining our clients’ expectations and conducting candidate interviews, all the way to presenting an offer to a prospective employee, we have mapped out the steps to simplify what could potentially be a very complicated process.


Our 10 Step Process

Executrade’s staffing agency has a comprehensive 10-step process for recruiting and placing individuals into our clients’ organizations. We want our clients to get everything they want. That’s why we customize each process to meet the needs of every client looking for permanent employees or contract workers. It’s a thorough procedure that saves you time and money.

1. We determine our clients’ (your) expectations.
2. We conduct a broad search of the marketplace to produce
a long list of candidates.
3. We design detailed interview and reference questions.
4. We develop a list of potential candidates who meet your criteria.
5. We conduct extensive telephone and personal interviews with
candidates, and test skills and abilities where applicable.
6. We contact a minimum of two references per short-listed
7. We present the short list of candidates to you.
8. We arrange interviews for you with the short-listed candidates.
9. We present your offer to the chosen candidate and debrief
all unsuccessful candidates.
10. We collect your feedback and act on your recommendations.

We reserve the right to amend the 10-step process at out discretion. Please consult with your Recruitment Consultant, as a client’s needs don’t always require the 10-step process.


Save time and find the perfect candidate for your permanent or contract position by contacting an Executrade Recruiter