Why Executrade?

We Use a Team Approach

At Executrade we operate on a model and philosophy that is different from other firms.  Many recruiters operate a 360 degree desk, meaning they seek clients and candidates in addition to all administration, and other recruitment needs.  The 360 degree model can overwhelm recruiters and create a lack of responsiveness, concern and quality.  Candidates suffer, left wondering what is happening.

Executrade using a team approach, allowing recruiters to be focused on just candidates, Account Executives to provide client service, coordinators to focus on the process and paperwork and researchers to ensure up-to-date and valid information.  In this way candidates are communicated with and valued relationships formed.

We Are Your Consultant

At Executrade we are not just a recruiter, we are your consultant.  To find the right fit we need to understand your needs and how to help you achieve your vision.  We have tools and resources available, but our recruiters are the ultimate resource in your job search!

We Value People

We value people.  Organizations do not succeed without people.  We respect your needs and skills and try to find the best fit, not whatever works to get a payday.  If a position does not work for you, rest assured it does not work for us.

At Executrade I am a person. This service was more than a service; it was a relationship of trust and understanding.  We were not numbers or a paycheque that was forgotten – we were people and remembered for who we were and the value we represented.” – Aneesa Kermally

Your Career, Your Fit

We want to help you achieve your vision for your career.  As your recruitment consultant we want to understand your needs from salary expectations to the cultures types you flourish in.  We are here to present options, not pressure you to take a position that does not fit.  We support you as the decision maker.

Just Looking, For Now

If you are not quite ready to make a career change but want to keep your eye on the workplace and opportunities available, we can help.  We can keep you informed of opportunities, posted and hidden, until you are ready to seek a career change; in addition you can follow all job postings by following us on LinkedIn or Facebook.  Let us know how we can help you achieve your career vision – based on your timeframe, not ours.